Passion, Patience & Vision for a Unique Expertise

Offering designs in all aspects, fields and materials, designer Randa Choueiri professionally designs Fused-Glass Sculptures, Light-Paintings, Tables, Chimneys, Trophies & Corporate Gifts, and anything that could come to your mind.

Twenty years of expertise and many more to Greatness, Success, and Perfection. 

Glass Sculptures

The Designer handcrafts and builds up unique Sculptures and Ballerinas in various forms and materials to add Life, Vitality and Style to your space, taking your interiors to another dimension!

Glass Wall-Paintings

We have extensive experience designing Light Glass-Wall Paintings for Houses, Restaurants and Offices. Randa merges colors, sculpted pieces and materials to create a unique piece of Art! 


Tables & Chimneys

A multicolored collection of Tables and Chimneys inspired by Flowers, Glass & Stone, is handmade ideally and seasonally to add a prestigious living to your indoor and outdoor spaces.

Perfect Finishing to Please.


The uniqueness of the pieces that the designer proposes, lies both in the form and structure at the level of components, such as wood, glass, ceramics, silver & gold, diamonds, zircons, pearl or others. The product is unimaginable and could meet all tastes and all budgets.

"I invent what might appeal to women who want the elegance and distinction at a time, while trying to use new materials decorating the most attractive Jewelry. I draw unique shapes embracing all tastes, trends, news or fashion. I think a work of art, regardless of the field covered, is the result of a certain maturity an artist had the opportunity to develop with time!".

- Randa Choueiri


A Success in the world of Corporation & Awards.


Since the late 1990s, the designer has been working on hundreds of projects in collaboration with Banks and Companies as well as Institutions, Museums and Orders of Pharmacists, Telecommunication, & Dentists in Lebanon. The American University of Beirut's Archeological Museum Boutique and the National Museum of Beirut Boutique have been choosing throughout the years, corporate gifts and trophies perfectly designed to represent the History of Lebanon during festive seasons through the brilliance, refraction and reflection of Glass!

Some major Corporations we worked with: BLC Bank, Cisco Group for Telecom, Pierre Fabre, Avène-Aderma Pharmaceuticals, Orkila Chemicals (Middle East), Ordre des Pharmaciens du Liban, Faculté de Médecine Dentaire (USJ), Clemenceau Medical Center (Johns Hopkins), Almaza Beer, Beirut Horse Racing Awards (Beirut Hippodrome), Ambisome Pharmaceuticals,...